Field Trip Policy and Procedure


If the center will go on a field trip, the following procedures will be discussed and followed by all Staff and Volunteers participating in the Field Trip:

1. Staff will visit the site prior to taking the children to assess:

  1. age/developmental appropriateness

  2. washroom/water availability

  3. telephone availability (cellular)

  4. security personnel on site

  5. check for any potential safety


  6. shaded rest area g. wheelchair


2. Staff will choose a method of


  1. public transportation – keeping in

    mind walking distance.

  2. walking (only within the


c. Golden Arrow Yellow Bus Service d. Staff will enforce car safety rules

that comply with Transport Canada Guidelines Preparing to go and Things to bring.

  1. There will be an extra staff over the required ratio on all field trips.

  2. When deciding on the number of parent volunteers, the lead Teacher will consider the


  1. the ages and the needs of the

    children involved.

  2. the type of activity

  3. the environment in which the

    activity is taking place.

  4. any other relevant criteria


There will be a Montessori Staff leading each group and responsible for the safety and well-being of the children in each group. Parent Volunteers will not be left alone to 


supervise a group of children at any time. Parent Volunteers will accompany and assist staff only. Each group will have a copy of the Field Trip Policy and Procedure as a reference.

  1. Each Staff, Parent Volunteer and child attending the trip will wear either a matching t-shirt or an identification tag with the name, address, and phone number of the Center.

  2. Each child must have written parental permission before he/she can participate in the activity. The parent permission letter will include the destination, method of transportation, date, time of departure and return to the Center, supervision arrangements, requirement of appropriate clothing/ necessities

such as sunscreen, hat, snow

pants etc.

  1. Teachers will inform the children

    where they are going and what will happen, whom they will see and who they will need to listen to. Enough information will be given to help the children feel secure and comfortable but not too much to spoil the experience.

  2. Teachers will plan with the children and set up experiences in the Center that will enhance the field trip experience i.e.: begin a documentation panel, practice safety rules etc.

  3. Safety rules will be discussed with the Staff, volunteers and children e.g.: designated meeting area, children must stay with the adult and group in which they were assigned. Only if ALL Staff and adults are aware, will a child 


switch group. Attendance will be taken BEFORE the group leaves the Center.

  1. All adults attending the trip will be equipped with a cell phone, so if the group gets separated, adults can still communicate.

  2. All Staff will have a valid First Aid Certificate, including those staying behind at the Center.

  3. In case the groups get separated, each Staff responsible for a group will carry a backpack containing the following:

  1. emergency medication (if any required)

  2. first aid kit

  3. portable emergency information

    for both Staff and children.

  4. emergency change of clothing

  5. snacks, water, tissues (wipes),


  1. Staff remaining at the center will have a copy of ALL activity information including routes travelled and estimated time of arrival/departure. The field trip site will also have a copy of this information so that if the group does not arrive, they can notify the Center.

  2. Upon arrival, Staff will:
    take attendance again
    visit the designated meeting

    place and review applicable

    safety rule

Staff will review the 3 guidelines to follow if someone gets separated from the group:

  • stay put.

  • don’t go anywhere with someone

    you don’t know

  • ALL children will be accompanied by an adult when using the

    washroom. staff will take attendance regularly.



    Staff will be prepared to do the following:
    • Conduct a brief search of the immediate area – then get help from the nearest employee or security officer. Check designated meeting place.

    • Give a description of the child and the clothing he/she was wearing – show the photo of the child.
    • Contact the police, parents and Day Care Licensing @ 780-307-6056 • Ensure the other children are safe and decide to remain on site or return to the Center.


    15. After the activity, teachers will follow-up by:

    • listening and observing children while on the field trip – what are their questions and interests?

    • planning related activities and learning experiences.

    ——** Staff will have a backup plan in case the field trip is cancelled