Bon Accord Montessori is inspected by the Fire Chief on a regular basis. To help educate and orientate Staff and children about our “emergency procedures”, we have monthly fire drills. This helps eliminate panic and teaches everyone what to do in a calm step by step manner. Fire drills are even practiced in the winter so please ensure your child has indoor footwear as everyone must go out “as is”. If, for any reason Bon Accord Montessori must be evacuated, the Staff will follow emergency evacuation procedures and then proceed to walk the children outside to the side of Bon Accord Medical Clinic. When the children are safe, Parents, Guardians, or Emergency Contact Persons will be called to pick the child(ren) up. Any emergency evacuation or

program closure due to an emergency will be reported to Alberta Children and Youth Services (Licensing). Emergency procedures for both rooms are as follows:


  • –  Use the fire drill bell to alert children that an evacuation is required

  • –  Retrieve the sign in clip board located in approximately the center of the Montessori

  • –  Assist Staff with the evacuation and ensure that emergency back packs have been collected by other staff

  • –  Once safely outside, the Director is to ensure that ONE PERSON calls 9-1-1. Be prepared to provide the exact address and details of the emergency.

  • Use the sign in sheet to complete an attendance roll call to ensure that everyone has evacuated at the first muster point outside of

  • –  Keep the area around the building clear

  • –  Director will approach and be the contact with the Fire Department upon arrival

    Staff in Le Bambini (Infant), Bambini (Toddler) and Casa

  • –  Calmly and quickly gather

    the children in your room (Do not put on coats and boots)

  • –  The senior staff in each of the room areas is to retrieve the children’s portable emergency information backpack containing the contact information for the parents/ guardians.

  • –  Direct the children to the nearest safe exist, providing

reassurance (Close all doors along egress path. Report to the muster point location outside by the side of Bon Accord Medical Clinic.

– Complete the attendance roll call and report to the Director


  • –  In the event that the Director is not available during an emergency evacuation, the Floater will assume all the Director’s evacuation responsibilities

  • –  The Floater will assist all staff in the evacuation of all the children

  • –  Provided it is safe to do so, the Floater will complete a sweep of the entire area, including washrooms and storage rooms, the Floater is to close all doors along their egress path.

Power, Water or Natural Gas Failure
There may be occasions when the facility has lost its power, water and/or gas supply. At Bon Accord Montessori, our primary concern during these times is to keep the children safe and comfortable. Any disruption to the power, water or gas supply for an extended period (after 1 hour without service) could result in the need for the facility to close. In these situations:

  • The parents must be contacted to pick up their children, and,

  • If necessary, the emergency procedures plan will be initiated

    Severe Weather (Tornado)

    In the case of a Tornado watch for our area, the staff will begin calling parents to let them know of the severe weather situation

At this point the parents will be given the choice of picking the child up or having the child remain at the center. In the event the Tornado Watch becomes a Tornado Warning, staff will follow the Center’s Lock Down Procedures (move children away from windows and provide stimulating activities for the children). Staff will continue to assess the situation through information from the local radio station and the internet. Staff will ensure the children’s attendance, emergency backpack, flashlight is accessible. Parents and Emergency Response will be notified.