At Bon Accord Montessori, parents and/or guardians are viewed as vital to their child’s successful experience. We understand that it can be difficult for parents to take time away from work. Therefore, Bon Accord Montessori is flexible and has an open-door policy allowing parents/guardians to choose the amount of time they can spend with their child in the center. Reading a book, creating project, or simply stopping by during lunch hour can prove to be valuable time spent with your child. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer in other ways as their time and the Centre’s needs permit. Consistent with Bon Accord Montessori Philosophy that learning is a life-long process, the Centre’s mandate is not only to provide high

quality care to children, but also to provide services resources that support parents as the primary caregivers as they learn about their children. Services and resources such as

• Monthly newsletter that provides important information about events happening at the center and the surrounding community

• On-site food bank, and clothing exchange that takes donations for families in need
• Our center organizes Family Celebrations that take into consideration diversity evident within our families (ie: culture, types of family units, dietary, and religious considerations).

Celebration of Learning Event, Annual Christmas Party and Celebration of

Learning Event, on-site field trips that parents are welcome to participate in We offer our families the opportunity to share contact information to encourage family interactions outside of the center.

• We conduct an Annual Community Child Care Needs Survey that provides us with a better understanding as well as important information regarding the needs of families in the broader community

With regards to recognizing differences in family cultures, Staff will consult with families about belief systems and preferred effort will be made to learn significant words and phrases in families’ home language. Teachers are available and approachable to provide parents with regular updates on their child’s needs and progress. If parents have specific

questions or concerns, meetings between teachers and parents are arranged at mutually convenient times.

Family views will be acknowledged and responded to in a timely fashion. For the development of a true partnership, communication must go both ways. Teachers listen to parents and whenever possible and follow through on their suggestions and ideas.