Clothing is an important part of our everyday lives. It keeps us warm and protects us from the weather. It may seem surprising, but clothing and shoes can be dangerous for our children. Drawstrings and necklaces are extremely dangerous as children can be strangled if they get caught on items such as playground equipment, fences or in car/bus doors. To ensure the safety of all children we ask that parents check their children’s clothing to ensure their child will not have any drawstrings in their hoods or necklaces that could cause harm to their child while at Bon Accord Montessori.

Drawstrings at the bottom or waist should be no more than 8 cm in length from where the strings come out of the garment when it is fully expanded and should be free of knots or toggles. Choose clothing with alternative closures such as snaps, Velcro, or elastic. Parents please be advised that if you choose

to send your child to Day Care with necklaces/drawstrings that could potentially be dangerous for your child, Bon Accord Montessori will not be held responsible for any injury to your child caused by drawstrings or necklaces as our policy clearly states that drawstrings and necklaces are not permitted at Bon Accord Montessori.

Soft-soled shoes or slippers as well as socks are required for your child to wear indoors for health and safety purposes. Fire Drills are held monthly (even in the winter), and this requires that all children “go out as is”. Choosing appropriate footwear for your child is also very important for your child’s safety and comfort. We ask parents to keep in mind the following helpful hints:

• ensure the shoes fit properly – shoes that are too big can cause a child to have poor balance.

• shoes with Velcro fasteners are preferred as it can be difficult to keep all laces tied when children are

in a group setting. Velcro fasteners support your child’s autonomy and independence.

• make sure shoes are practical and will enable your child to be active – fancy dress shoes are not practical and can be dangerous. Please do not send dress shoes for your child to wear at Bon Accord Montessori.

Flip flops and any other sandals that do not have a back strap to secure the shoe to the child’s foot can be dangerous also. These types of shoes are not permitted at Bon Accord Montessori for indoor or outdoor use – please do not send them for your child.

An extra set of clothing is also required, Accidents can also happen – an extra set of clothes can save the day! Please remember to label all clothing items with your child’s name as we have 34 children in the Center. Especially in winter, please make sure your child has suitable outdoor clothing such as:

Snow suit (one or two piece is acceptable)

• Warm winter boots – fashion boots that do not have a winter lining are not acceptable.

• Mittens, gloves with fingers are not acceptable as they are not warm, and they are difficult to put on young children. It is recommended that mittens are attached to a string and placed inside the sleeves of the child’s jacket. This will ensure the mittens will not get lost or mixed up with another child’s belongings.

• Warm hat that covers the child’s ears.

• Neck warmer

Outdoor Play is a regular part of our program, and all children are required to participate.

Please make sure that all clothing is clearly labeled with your child’s initials or name!!