o help make this time go more smoothly, it is important for ALL staff to communicate with each other and use a team effort. To make this fair and to not have to designate specific roles, staff can rotate daily, but need to communicate which task he/she will be doing (diapering/ bathroom procedures or story time and supervision of quiet activities in the room). Do what you can to streamline these tasks. One caregiver can leave the lunch table early to put out the mats and then be able to start diapering / bathroom procedures with the children who have finished eating and are ready. The other caregiver

can have story time with the other children.

Diapering and Toileting Before Nap Time
Every child should use the toilet or have on a dry diaper at the beginning of nap time. It is

Following these procedures will ensure a smooth transition:

to remember that line diapering and is not appropriate.

1. Start early -One group always begins lunch earlier. One staff can start the diapering / toileting as soon as the first child is ready to leave the table.

2. Supervise well -One staff person can provide story time and is responsible for the

supervision. The other staff person is responsible for the supervision in the bathroom, for diapering, helping with clothing, hand/face washing etc.

Give waiting children something to do. A small basket of books could be available for the children who have left the table, don’t feel like having story time and are waiting to be diapered.

are returning to the room and

taking out to the bathroom.
5. Tuck in. Once everyone is on his/her mat, you might give each child a special “tuck in” with a tickle/rhyme before

going to sleep!
6. Put on some soft lullaby music.

This will help calm the children

and help them drift off to sleep.

7. Remember that, even when all the children are asleep, the room needs constant supervision.

4. Return to the room. The children who have finished in the bathroom can return to their room and have story time with the other staff or get settled on his/her cot. Make sure you announce who you