Bon Accord Montessori Center Staff

At Bon Accord Montessori, we use staffing models such as teaching teams and floaters. Employing extra staff is important in this field and helps us to “prepare for the unknown”. We do this in effort to lessen the impact of a teacher change on children, families, coworkers, and program administrators. With this in place, staff seem to work together better by planning curriculum and managing the classrooms together and the Center seems less likely to experience the negative effects of high staff turnover. If Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre makes the decision to recruit new staff to the “team”, we use the following procedures:

  1. Choose Method of Advertisement. *Local newspaper *internet / electronic media *paid or free

  2. Compose an Ad containing the following: *Job title and brief description of position *Qualifications, both required and preferred *Status – full-time or part-time

    *Schedule – work hours and days of the week
    *Program features that might be important to applicants teaching philosophy *Contact information – where to send resumes, how applications will be accepted
    *When and how to apply (times to call, in person submit resume *Non-discrimination policy statement – that the center is an equal opportunity employer

  3. Develop a list of Criteria / Characteristics of a Good Fit for the position.
    (Ie: When Recruiting an Applicant keep in mind Cultural Background to ensure Diversity in our Center).

  4. Begin screening and scheduling interviews.

  5. Interview questions:

    *If you were choosing a center for your child, what would you look for? *What is the most important quality you have to offer children?
    *Describe your special talents and skills.
    *What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

    *Describe the ideal teacher for young children.
    *Why are you interested in working for this center?
    *Describe a mentor you’ve had. How did that person help you grow professionally?
    *What was your worst work experience? Why?
    *How would you respond to a mother who asks you to make sure her child never cries?
    *How would your co-workers at your last job describe you?
    *What do you like to do for relaxation?
    *When a child refuses to eat, what would you do?
    *How do you feel about changing diapers or cleaning up after a sick child? *What would you do when a child cries for his parents when they leave? What if the crying persists for weeks?
    *If a child hits you, what would you do?
    *What role does customer service play in early care and education?
    *What are the specific things you do to establish rapport with parents? *What new professional skills are you eager to learn?
    ****It is a good idea to have the applicant answer some questions in writing as some people may be more comfortable answering questions this way. It will also give you a sample of his/her writing capabilities.

  6. Check references (2 references including 1 from a former employer)

  7. Ask to see the applicant’s Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector


    All employees and volunteers must provide a criminal record check, including a vulnerable sector search, dated not earlier than 6 months prior to the date of commencement with the program and every three years after that date. The date the Individuals unable to provide this information will not be employed until they can do so. All employees are required to produce a valid First Aid in Child Care Certificate, a copy will be kept in the Staff Member’s file.

  8. Summarize Information on each Candidate.
  9. Final decision and extending an offer.

    Formal offers should include salary, benefits, introductory period, job pre- requisites. *It will also include things the Employer will do orientation period / Training, regular evaluations, an assigned mentor etc. (The Center will take into consideration the Ethnic Background of the Applicants to ensure Cultural Diversity).

  10. Send letters to applicants who are not considered for employment. The letter will notify applicants in an ethical manner that they have not been chosen but can remain a part of the “Applicant Pool.”