Reportable Critical Incidents

  • An emergency evacuation

  • Unexpected program closure

  • An Intruder on the program’s premises

  • A serious illness or injury to a child that requires the program to request

    emergency health care and/or requires the child to remain in the hospital


  • An error in the administration of medication by program staff or volunteer

    resulting in a child becoming seriously injured or ill and requiring first aid or the program requesting emergency health care/or requires the child to remain in the hospital overnight.

  • The death of a child

  • An unexpected absence of a child from the program (i.e Lost child)

  • A child removed from the program by noncustodial parent or guardian.

  • An allegation of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and /or neglect of a child

    by a program staff member or volunteer

  • The commission by a child of an offense under an Act of Canada or Alberta

  • A child left on premises outside of the program’s operating hours.

Incident report forms can be found on Government of Alberta website:

Please attach a copy of the child’s enrollment form

All incident reports must be reported immediately by:

Phone 780-427-044
Monday to Friday 8.15am -4.30pm
Fax: 780-427-1622
Most Critical Incident reports can be followed up with Licensing Office the following day. If you are experiencing a Critical Incident that requires
IMMEDIATE attention, please contact the Child Abuse Hot line at 1-800-387-5437 to report the incident.