“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but experiences in the environment”

Practical Life

This is the heart of Montessori education which helps children master their everyday tasks. The activities involve real life materials which helps children to explore and understand their environment. The practical life helps children to enhance their concentration skills, body control, independence, sense of order, coordination of movement, fine and gross motor skills.


The sensorial curriculum helps to provides children the structure and vocabulary they receive through their senses such as the visual, tactile, thermic, baric (nerve cells), stereognosis, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory (Tongue), Muscular (Nerve cells in the body)

Language Art

The language art helps children to build on knowledge they have already acquired and develop their ability to express it. The language curriculum is presented in different and engaging activities that helps children to understand speech, vocabulary, writing skills, reading and understanding of patterns in language.

Culture and Science


Culture and Science helps children to ask question and explore their environment. Science is the part of culture which helps children to understand their world both in the Montessori classroom and outside the environment. The culture and science consist of Zoology, History, Botany, Science and Geography. All children can understand, observe and ask question of what is going on around the within and outside of the world. 


In Montessori early childhood program, the arrangement of the classroom, the activities prepared for the children and materials helps the children Mathematical minds. The Maths focuses on Numbers, Matching Numbers, Numerals, addition, division, multiplication and subtraction.


Music helps body and mind together. When children are exposed to music at early development helps them learn different meaning of words and sounds. Bon Accord Montessori learn meaning of music through songs, dance and performance concert. Outdoor Activities:


Our outdoor space consists of different Open -ended materials and loose parts that enhanced children development. All the children will have flexible time to enjoy outdoor play and nature walk in our neighbourhood. Activities range from open ended play where children will use their imagination and enhance their gross motor, fine motor and social skills. 

Sport fun:

Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre will introduce Athletic activities based on children age starting from our Bambini (infant), Bambini(Toddler) to Casa. The sport program will help the children to learn basic sport games with the help of our Volunteers from Bon Accord Community such as Obstacle course, basketball, soccer, relay games, Tag games, Eagles eye, and baseball.

Art and Drama:

Children will be involved in drama through book, story performance and puppet show which will enhance their engagement in learning, imagination, information retention and problem-solving skills.

Show and Tell:

Children will be encouraged once in two weeks to bring their favourite toys for show and tell at the Montessori. As children talk about their favourite toys in front of the group, this will enhance their communication, multimodal literacy, Participation, leadership skills and self confidence.

Reading Program:

Bon Accord Montessori curriculum is built on encouraging the children on the element of reading and writing one by one in a way that is enjoyable to all children. The children in Montessori learn to read first before they can start to write. When the child as mastered the sounds associated with each letter, they will be introduced to the moveable alphabets which will allow them to easily put letters together, sounding them out to spell. Children can learn by using the sensory materials such as sand tray, sandpaper letters and visual cards.