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(Left to Right: Omolara (Laura) Fagbemiro (Program Director), Mayor Brian Holden, Lawrence Fagbemiro (Executive Director), Deputy Mayor Lynn Bidney, and Town Manager Jodi Brown)

Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre

Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre is a top-notch childcare facility located in the downtown area of Bon Accord, Alberta. They have a licensed capacity of 33 children with plans to increase capacity for school age children in the Out of School program.

The Centre is fully licensed by the Alberta government and supported with affordability grants, subsidy and wage top ups. This support has made it possible to bring quality, affordable childcare to the people of Bon Accord. Most families will pay less than $300 per month at the Centre.

“Since opening a pharmacy in 2017,” says Lawrence and Laura Fagbemiro, “our interaction with people has made us identify the key needs of different age groups in the community. The journey to have a Montessori program in Bon Accord started in 2018 when we realized that there was no government licensed childcare facility to cater to over 100 children aged 0-5 years in the community.

“Setting up a business is easy in Bon Accord due to the tremendous support from Bon Accord Council and the Town of Bon Accord. We wouldn’t have been able to sing success songs if not for the political and administrative backing from the town.

“We make bold to say that our Centre is one of the best childcare facilities in Sturgeon County. We have a huge selection of toys and an oversized outdoor play area. The Montessori philosophy which we have adopted is a highly rated educational method the world over.

“Our passion to have businesses in Bon Accord was born out of the love and acceptance from the people. Our goal is to touch every life in Bon Accord by 2030.”

The Town is so grateful that the Fagbemiro’s chose Bon Accord as the home for this Centre. It is a need in our community and will be a great asset to Bon Accord and the area’s children and their families.

Mayor Brian Holden chose the following quote to sum up his thoughts on the new child development centre:

“Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.”
― Maria Montessori

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