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The Maria Montessori Method has supported multi-age grouping. This concept has recently moved into the mainstream due to the work of many educational theorists, researchers and practitioners. Several childhood organizations are recommending or requiring multi-age grouping in preschool and elementary settings. At Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre, children are grouped in mixed-ages and there is constant interaction, problem solving, child-to-child teaching and socialization. Children are challenged according to their ability and able to find an intellectual peer Our Programs offers mixed age groups from 18months to 6years based on Montessori Stages of Development. Children will be introduced to Practical Life, Sensorial, Music, Grace and Courtesy, Language Arts, Geography, Science and Culture.

A Brief History Of Montessori

A Brief History of the Montessori Philosophy Maria Montessori, who lived from 1870 to 1952, was a brilliant and original educator, scientist, healer, humanitarian and philosopher. Soon after graduating from medical school in Rome and stimulated by her further studies in psychology. she worked with children with mental and physical challenges. She based her teaching methods on principles of two prominent French physicians whose research she admired, Itard and Seguin. Remarkably, the children progressed so quickly that Montessori signed them up for ordinary school exams, which they passed without difficulty.

Over 100 years of experience have proved her theory that a child can learn to read, write and calculate the same natural way that the child learns to walk and talk. In the Montessori classroom, the equipment allows the child to do this at his/her own periods of interest and readiness. Sensitive Periods Another observation of Dr. Montessori’s which has been reinforced by modern research, is the importance of sensitive periods for early learning. These are periods of intense fascination for learning a particular characteristic or skill, such as going up and down steps, putting things in order, counting and reading. It is easier for the child to learn a particular skill during the corresponding sensitive period than at any other time in her life. The Montessori classroom takes advantage of this fact by allowing the child freedom to select individual activities that correspond to his/her own periods of interest.

“| do not believe there is a method better than Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Author, Nobel Laureate, Montessori Alumnus) 

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Montessori Philosophy

At Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre, we foster a culture of continuous learning, empowering children to explore independently, solve puzzles, and make connections. Our approach instills curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning

Prepared Environment

We prioritize nurturing children's independence and self-reliance, empowering them to confidently navigate their surroundings, make choices, and take ownership of their learning journey. Our supportive environment fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Foster Independence

Our center creates a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere for children, offering curated materials and activities that meet their developmental needs. Through hands-on learning experiences, our prepared environment nurtures their curiosity, fostering a sense of wonder and discovery.

Continuous Learning

At Bon Accord Montessori, we embrace the Montessori Philosophy, creating an environment where children thrive. We prioritize independent learning, fostering a love for exploration, discovery, and self-directed work.

Our Philosophy

Bon Accord Montessori Child Development Centre follows Montessori Philosophy which is based on prepared environment in which children are allowed to explore, discover and select their own work. Children Independence is intrinsically involved with helping each child become comfortable and confident in their ability to master the environment, ask questions, puzzle out answers and learn continuously without waiting for adult direction.

Our Services

Discover our comprehensive services designed to nurture children's development and foster a love for learning. From practical life activities that enhance independence to sensorial experiences that engage the senses, our programs encompass language arts, culture and science, mathematics, music, outdoor activities, sports, art and drama, show and tell, and a dedicated reading program. With our tailored approach, we empower children to thrive socially, intellectually, and emotionally, unlocking their full potential.

Art and Drama

Children participate in drama through storytelling, puppet shows, and performances, stimulating their imagination, problem-solving skills, and engagement in learning.

Show and Tell:

Regular show and tell sessions provide opportunities for children to share their favorite toys, enhancing their communication, literacy, participation, leadership, and confidence.

Enhancing Developmental Skills

We focus on enhancing children's social, physical, intellectual, communication, and emotional skills, providing a well-rounded approach to their development.

Culture and Science:

: Encouraging curiosity, our culture and science program invites children to ask questions and explore their environment, covering subjects such as zoology, history, botany, science, and geography.

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