The Staff working with the Young Toddler group will ensure the children will have a safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate environment that supports and encourages children’s exploration and positive interactions.

➢ Sufficient play materials are provided to give children the opportunity to play together or alone, if they choose.

➢ Staff will use redirection strategies when a child is acting inappropriately (doing something not wanted by others e.g.: taking another child’s toy – Staff will show the child that there are more of the same, throwing toys – Staff will recognize that the child would like to practice throwing skills and encourage the child to throw bean bags/soft balls into the folding hoop). Staff will help the child to focus on

something else to do that is appropriate to achieve his/her goal. ➢ Age-appropriate play materials and play experiences are provided to enable children to experience success and eliminate frustration.

➢ Children are given transition periods to help them change activities in a smooth nonconfrontational manner.

➢ The play environment is changed in response to the children’s interests, behaviors and needs.

➢ Children are provided with appropriate periods of time for “child initiated” play.

➢ Staff will use ongoing communication conducive to the developmental ages of the children. Continuous language communication not only reassures and directs the children, but it also promotes healthy language development.

➢ Staff will communicate with the parents at the start of the day to find

out how the child is feeling (tired, onset of illness, etc.). This will give the Staff a better understanding about the child’s behavior. This can also be recorded on a “Daily Checklist” so closing Staff can relay important information to the Parents at the end of the day.

If a child is upset, the Staff firstly assures that he/she is physically comfortable (dry diaper, not hungry, properly fitted clothing). If the crankiness persists, the child is held, cradled and reassured. If a child is putting himself/herself into a dangerous situation (climbing on a high surface, throwing toys, etc.), the danger is removed, followed by an age-appropriate explanation.

The Staff will then redirect the child’s attention to a more positive age- appropriate activity. At all times, the Staff is aware that they act as positive role models to the children. Accordingly, the Staff engage in positive social behavior, respecting

the stage of the children’s development and their feelings. The Staff always ensure the children receive individual attention by using “active listening” skills and by assisting in problem solving and learning activities.

These forms of punishment are not permitted at Bon Accord Montessori

  • Physical or verbal punishment,

    physical degradation or

    emotional deprivation

  • Under no circumstance will

any child be denied /threatened to be denied any

• The use of any form of physical

restraint, isolation