(a) This policy is meant to ensure that people’s privacy and confidentiality of information about the Center, children, parents/guardians/caregivers and staff is upheld. Everyone involved with the Center must adhere to this policy. Failure to do so can result in consequences and disciplinary action.

(b) Cell phone/Communication Devices: are not permitted while working on the floor or outside during work hours with the children, all communication devices must be kept in staff cupboards/purses etc. * all personal calls can be made or

taken through the Bon Accord Montessori phones. IF: for safety purposes, it is necessary for staff to take a personal cell phone during outings with children, it must be used only for emergency contact with the Center or the children’s parents/guardians/caregivers.

(c) IF IT IS NECESSARY, and with the parent’s /guardian’s/caregiver’s permission, for a staff person to use electronic devices to photograph or video tape children, Centre iPad must be used.

(d) Staff, children and all others using the Center’s computers and electronic devices must respect and protect privacy of others and must respect and protect the integrity of all electronic resources. All intellectual property (ideas, creations and copyrights) of others must be respected and protected. All communication must be in a respectful manner and the use, or discovery of the use of any threatening or inappropriate material, must be reported. **Information about staff, children, parents/guardians/ caregivers and the Center (including photos or videos) must not be posted on the staff’s

personal web space, any social networking site (e.g.; blogs, Facebook, myspace, twitter) any public networking or file sharing site (e.g photo bucket, flicker, you tube) or any other type of internet website. ***Staff must not accept children as “friends” or “buddies” when using social networking sites such as Facebook or MSN

(e) Authorized employees of the facility have the right to monitor the use of information technology resources and to examine, use and disclose any data found. They may use this information in disciplinary actions, and release to the police if it is criminal in nature