Custody Policy

While it is preferable to avoid becoming involved in an access dispute, the protection and best interest of the child(ren) will always be our priority. Access disputes between Parents or other family members may be complicated by the fact that legal custody has not yet been determined by a court or formal agreement such as a consent order.

The following guidelines will be applied when deciding when to release the child:

  • If you have any custody and access arrangements by way of consent or court order, we request a copy for your child’s records. However, it is not our responsibility to interpret, determine and enforce these orders.

  • If the child’s mother or father that is listed on the registration form comes to pick the child up, we will release the child to that parent if he/she can produce a valid picture I.D., if we haven’t been introduced to him/her. We will only release the child to individuals that are listed on the authorized pick-up list on your child’s registration form. Again, if we have not been introduced to these individuals, we will require picture I.D. before we release the child.

  • If you have sole custody and can provide a document that clearly defines the non-custodial parent’s access, we will not release the child to that parent – this has to be stated on the child’s registration form. Should the situation arise where the non-custodial parent comes to pick up the child, we will ask for a document signed by you, we prefer that you either call or speak to the Director in person first, stating that the other parent has the right to pick the child up.

    If this does not occur, we will contact the sole-custodial parent and the police if deemed necessary. In these circumstances, it is very important that the Parent/Guardians have regular communication with your child’s Teacher and the Director. Any changes to the custody arrangement must be documented in the child’s file.

    Bon Accord Montessori will not be held responsible if the child’s file has not been updated on a regular basis.